Overview of your Event Details Page

The MC Trade  Events Module dynamically creates an extensive online Event Calendar for you, so that no matter how often your event information changes, your website is always up to date with your event information.

When you create an event, MC Trade will automatically create 2 website pages for it:

  • An Event Details Page that displays the important details about your event
  • An Event Registration Page that lets your audience sign up and pay for attendance

Both of these pages are highly configurable by you, both globally and for each individual event.

The Event Details Page

The Event Details Page displays all of the important information about your event. Look at the image below this list to identify where on your Event Details Page these items will appear:

  1. Banner Advertising
  2. Event Name, Date, Time, and Location
  3. Description
  4. Register button
  5. Sponsor names, logos and messages
  6. Related Links to Weather Forecasts and a Map
  7. Event Items and pricing
  8. A second Register button
  9. Submit a Question Form

Each of the items above are filled in for each event on the Event Record itself. However, in the global Event Settings area, you can decide if many of them appear on the page at all. Turning them off in the Event Settings area will hide them on the Event Details Page for every Event, even if you've added the information in the Event Record. Click here to learn more about the global Event Settings.



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