Accept New Jobs or Resumes Submitted to the Online Job Bank

NOTE: This article pertains to the legacy Atlas Job Bank. For information about the new MemberClicks Job Board, email


The Atlas Job Bank is an online listing of available employment opportunities or resumes of job searchers. All the information displayed in the Job Bank is stored within the Web Input area of Atlas. Because the web input forms that manage the Job Bank area are online forms, all Job Postings or Resume Postings must be created online in the Job Bank area and then approved inside the database.

Follow these steps to post a position:

  1. Go to your Job Bank start page on your web site. It will typically have a URL like this:
  2. Click the "Post a Job" or "Post a Resume" button.
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible.
  4. Click Submit.


Now you must approve the posting before it will display on your web site. Follow these steps to approve Job Bank postings:

  1. Go to Communication > Web Input. The Web Input window will appear.
  2. In the Page Name drop-down menu, select the page for which you want to see submissions (usually 'Employer Form' or 'Employee Form' or something similar).
  3. In the Response Date fields, select the data range for which you want to see submissions.
  4. Click the Get Web Input Responses button. The Data Grid will fill with all appropriate submissions.
  5. Review the data in the Data Grid. If it needs to be changed, click the cell you want to change and re-type the text. When the data is ok, right-click and select Flag Selected Web Input Record (s) as Approved.
  6. Your approved Web Input submissions will now appear on your web site.

If you need to remove a posting, follow the same process but right-click and Select Flag Selected Web Input Record (s) as Unapproved.


 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.


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