Connectivity Problems / Latency (Slowness)


WebLink Connect (MC Trade) utilizes an internet connection to our remote servers to store/display data.  This requires a consistent connection when using MC Trade, interruption to this connection can result in error messages or decreased performance.  Below are easy steps you can perform to troubleshoot delays or slowness in MC Trade.

Cannot Login / Launching Error

If you are unable to reach the login screen, this could be caused by a couple of different problems.  Some helpful tips are below:

  1. If you are using an Anti-Virus / Firewall software, try temporarily disabling it and relaunching 
  2. Use Task Manager to make sure no additional instances of WebLink Connect (MC Trade) are running - the process is named WebLink_WPF.exe.
  3. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, make sure .NET Framework Services are enabled (Before Installation Steps)
  4. Verify you are able to connect to the services by visiting the Directory or Members Only section on your website
  5. Check to see if anyone else in your office is experiencing the same error
  6. If you have a laptop, try taking it to another location outside of your office and testing from there

If none of the above steps remedies the error, please submit a request.


Logged Into MC Trade / Slowness or Time Out Error

If you are logged into WebLink Connect (MC Trade) and experiencing slowness or receiving 'Time Out Errors', below are a couple of steps you can use to potentially identify the problem:


Select the "?" icon in the navigation



Choose 'Test Your Connection Speed'



On the page that opens in your browser, choose 'Dallas, TX' as your test location


The connection speed test will start.  This test will test your upload and download speed to a testing location in Dallas, which is near our data center.  Optimal testing speed should be around 1 Mbps for every 2 users in your office.  So if you office has 10 employees, you should be around 5 Mbps for upload and download.  The minimum required would be 1 Mbps for every 4 users in your office, though you may experience delays intermittently due to user activity.

If you connection speed is substantially lower than your service calls for, please contact your Internet Service Provider directly to begin troubleshooting steps to correct the latent connection.  For more information about our recommended connection speeds or system requirements, follow the link below:

Network and System Requirements


My Connection Speed is Good, What Else Can I Check?

Any connection to a remote location is almost never direct, intermediate connections occur multiple times before reaching a final destination.  This means that while a service such as Pandora may be working another service such as Spotify may not and the problem may be somewhere in the path between your location and theirs.  A tool we utilize that can test these intermediate connections (also known as "hops") is a Trace Route.


Select the "?" icon in the navigation 

2016-02-22 13_45_05-WebLink Connect.png


Choose 'Trace Route Troubleshooter'



This will start the 'Trace Route Troubleshooter' which launches Command Prompt and checks the connection "hops" your signal takes to reach our Data Center.  Focus on the numbers provided in the red box below, low numbers are optimal, while high numbers and asterisks * mean that the packet was delayed or lost.  If you see high numbers ( > 100 ms) then there is a delay at that hop which could interrupt your service.  Providing the information below to an Internet Service Provider can be helpful in determining the cause of a problem which may exist outside of their service.


If you see low numbers and no asterisks, then your connection to the server is consistent.  If you are still experiencing errors, try searching for the error in our Knowledge Base or submit a request.

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