Conference/Event Settings

The “Settings” section is where you will enter generic details about your event.  These details are divided between four tabs: "General", "Integrations", "Surveys", and "Website".  Additionally, the “Settings” section also contains the “Active” toggle.  The “Active” toggle is what allows you make an event active or inactive.  Activating an event will cause the event’s content to be pushed to the app, while deactivating an event essentially archives the event’s content and removes it from the app.

General Tab

The “General” tab is where you will enter your event’s start and end date and enter a welcome message or other general event information.  The rich text editor provides you with a wide range of options to customize the look at feel of your text.


NOTE:  Always enter the "Event Dates" and "Time Zone" before building out the rest of your event.


Integrations Tab 

The “Integrations” tab is where you will select the relevant integration (AMS, Registration, etc.) for your organization. 

If your organization uses an MC Trade event for registration, you will need to make sure that the key or API information for the registration information is entered under Settings > Integrations. To get your API information, you'll need to send an email to requesting an API client be set up for MobileUp so that your app can integrate with your MC Trade event(s).

On the Integrations page, select WebLink in the dropdown and enter your API information in the box that pops up.


Once the key or API information is populated, the attendees who registered through your MC Trade event will automatically populate on the attendee page. 

NOTE:  If you encounter issues with the integration, please email


Surveys Tab

The “Surveys” tab allows you to add default surveys and forms to your event or conference.  Currently, these surveys and forms include: “Conference Survey,” “Default Session Survey,” and “Default Help Form.”  To add a survey or form, click on the “pencil” icons shown in the screenshot below.


Clicking on the “pencil” icon presents you with two options: (1) select an existing survey or form, or (2) create a new survey or form.  If you wish to use an existing survey or form, simply select it from the list and click “Choose”.  If you wish to create a new survey or form, simply click “Create New”, enter the desired name, and begin building out the survey or form.  Follow the same steps to add any additional surveys or forms.


For more information, click here. Additionally, each session is capable of having its own unique survey.


Website Tab

The “Website” tab allows you to add customize aspects of the conference/event website that comes with the app.  From here, you can add a registration URL, conference/event summary using a rich text editor, and add a conference image specific to the conference or event.  These items will only appear on the conference list (picker) area of the website.


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