Inactivate a Committee Member (browser version)

If you would like your committee members to automatically be inactivated on their "Term Expires" date, you can configure this to happen on a recurring, automated basis in the Committee Details setting of any committee. Check the box "Inactivate members on expiration date," and each night any active committee members who have expired will be set to "Inactive" on that committee. 

To manually inactivate a member:

  1. Open the committee, and click the Committee Members tab on the left. 
  2. In the actions tab on the committee member you want to inactivate, choose the "Inactivate" option to quickly set the member as inactive with a Date Inactive of the current date.
  3. To manually change the Date Inactive, click Edit in the Actions dropdown. Uncheck the "Active" checkbox, and change the Date Inactive to your preferred date. Click Save.

To inactive multiple committee members:

  1. In the Committee Members tab, select/tag the members you want to inactivate. When they are selected, click the Actions dropdown in the upper left corner of the grid and choose Flag Selected Members as Inactive
  2. Click Inactivate Members. The Date Inactive will automatically be set to the current date.
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