Remove Existing Jobs from Online Job Bank

NOTE: This article pertains to the legacy Atlas Job Bank. For information about the new MemberClicks Job Board, email


How do I remove existing jobs from my online job bank?



Job Bank postings in Atlas can be removed from your web site in two ways. Follow these steps to remove postings from your Atlas database.

1. Go to Communication > Web Input. The following screen appears.

2. In the Page Name drop-down menu, select the appropriate page.

3. In the Response Date fields, select the appropriate date range.

4. Click Get Web Input Responses. The Data Grid will display your results.

5. With your mouse, highlight the results you want to delete and right-click.

6. To permanently delete the posting, Select Delete Selected Web Input Responses. To inactivate the posting but keep a record of it in Atlas, select Flag the Selected Web Input Response(s) as Unapproved.


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