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Report Overview

The Member Segmentation Report allows you to break your membership into smaller groups for analysis.  By running the report several times and segmenting differently, you can gain insight into which segments are most/least valuable to your organization.  The report will return the following information for each segment:  

  • the number of members in each segment
  • the number of FTEs1 (Full Time Equivalent Employees) in each segment
  • the amount of dues revenue2 represented by each segment


Use this report to analyze membership retention trends and their financial impact over a course of time.

How to Run

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Member Reports > Member Segment
Upon running the report, it will prompt you for the following parameter(s):
  • Prompt 1:  How would you like to segment this report?  Select the segmentation you would like to run.
    • of employees
    • Length of time as member
    • Annual dues amount Industry (Listing Category)3
    • NAICS Code4
    • Zip Code
    • City
  • Prompt 2:  Enter Top N Segments to View (9999 will give you all groups)    Enter the number of segments you would like to see.  Choose 9999 if you would like to see all groups. If you choose a smaller number, any additional segments will be grouped into an "other" group. (Example:  If you choose to see the Top 5 segments and there are 10 possible segments, the remaining 5 segments will be combined into the "other" group.)
  • Prompt 3:  Select Group Sort Field for Top N Sorting   Select the field for sorting the results in descending order. 
  • Prompt 4:  Would you like to display charts?   Selecting "Yes" will produce pie charts for the last three pages of the report showing you the percentages of each segment as they relate to the number of members in each segment, the number of FTEs3 (Full Time Equivalent Employees) in each segment, the amount of dues revenue4 represented by each segment BeginDate (BeginDate) - Enter a start date to find member activity in.


Here is a sample of the report's output:

Quick Tips

1 FTEs is calculated by using the numbers entered in the Employees - Full Time and Employees - Part Time fields of the Details tab in the Profile Browser.   One Full Time Employee counts as one FTE.   Every two Part Time Employees counts as one FTE.  (Example:  If a company has 50 Full Time Employees and 10 Part Time Employees, they would have 55 FTEs)
2 Annual Dues Amount is calculated using recurring billing items that are flagged as a "Dues" type in the Admin area of MC Trade.
3 Only those listing records (categories) flagged as Primary as used in this report
4 NAICS codes must be linked to your categories for this segment to work properly.  Only those listing categories flagged as Primary are used in this report.   To add NAICS Codes to your categories, go to Admin > Manage Codes > Member Codes > Category Codes and enter the appropriate NAICS Code for each of your categories.  The Member Segmentation Report groups by the Major NAICS classifications.
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