Bigcommerce: Manage and sync your customers to MC Trade profiles

To use this feature, you must have a Bigcommerce account.

A key feature of the integration with Bigcommerce is the ability to upload your MC Trade profiles as customers. This allows your members to log in for special pricing in your online store, and also ensures that member purchases are recorded as revenue on their profile in MC Trade. You can sync your profiles at any time, or allow the system to auto-sync once each day.

Configure Profile Syncing

Start by telling MC Trade which profiles you want to sync, and to which group(s) in Bigcommerce you want to sync them. Keep in mind you'll want to have your Bigcommerce groups created prior to this step.

1. In MC Trade, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Bigcommerce Settings.

2. Click open the "Profile Upload to Bigcommerce" section.


3. Select which Bigcommerce group member profiles should be placed in when the profile sync occurs. This is the group on which you will base your discount options in Bigcommerce.

4. Select which Bigcommerce group NON-member profiles should be placed in when the profile sync occurs. You can still set discounts on this group if you like, but they will not have access to the discounts you set up for the member group.

5. If you would like to include profiles that are NOT members (and are not primarily related to members) in your profile sync, check the "Individual Non-members" checkbox.

6. Next, select if you would like to include only main contacts, or all primary-related profiles in the profile sync. If both boxes are checked, all primary related profiles to any member organizations will be included and uploaded to the group selected in #3 above.

7. Click Save Settings.


Now that your settings are complete, the profile sync will happen automatically each morning. If you would like to manually "push" a profile upload at any time, follow these steps:

1. Go to and log in with your email and MC Trade password. 

2. Click Bigcommerce > Integration Management.

3. Under the Profile Upload section at the top, click Upload Profiles.


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