Add members to a Committee (browser version)

There are three different ways that you can add a member to a committee: searching one at a time by name, searching for a group of profiles in bulk, or from a member's profile. 

Add one or more Committee Members by name

  1. Open the committee to which you want to add members, and click the Committee Members tab on the left.
  2. Click the button "Add a Member".mceclip0.png
  3. Search for all or part of the name of the profile you want to add, and click Select on the results that are displayed.
  4. Enter a Committee role/title for the committee member, if desired. You can leave this fields blank if there is no specific role for this member.
  5. The start date defaults to the current date, but you can change this if necessary to the date the person started on the committee. 
  6. The Expiration Date will be automatically calculated based on the Start Date, and the default term for the committee (set in the Term Settings section of the Committee Details). If you need to override this default, click "Use custom expiration settings instead" and change the Expiration Date manually. 
  7. Fill in any notes/details on this committee member using the Internal Notes or Custom fields. 
  8. If this was the only member you needed to add, click Save and Close. If you have other individual committee members to add, click Save and Add Another to run a new search and repeat these steps. 

Add a group of committee members in bulk

    1. Open the committee to which you want to add members, and click the Committee Members tab on the left.
    2. Click Add a Group of Members.
    3. The Profile Selector opens in a new window, and you can run any search for the group of profiles you want to add to the committee. A common use case is to search for a previous year's committee using the Affiliation Codes search. Enter your criteria, and click Run This Search (note: on some monitors you may need to scroll down a bit to see the Run This Search button). 
    4. Select the profiles you want to add, either by selecting individual profile rows or using the Select All button at the top of the grid
    5. Enter the Committee Start Date you want to use for all members that are added (this defaults to the current date).
    6. Click Add Selected Profiles To The Committee. 

Add a profile to a committee from the Profile View

  1. Using the profile selector or profile quick search, open the profile you want to add to the committee. 
  2. Scroll down to the Committees panel on the bottom left of the profile
  3. Click Add to a Committee.
  4. Select the committee from the dropdown list, and enter a Start Date (if other than today). Click Save.
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