Urgent Action Required Regarding Your Authorize.Net Account.

Issue: We received an email with the following subject: Urgent Action Required Regarding Your Authorize.Net Account.

If you receive this type of message from Authorize.net:

Because the safety and security of your business is of the highest priority, Authorize.Net regularly conducts account security reviews. This email is to notify you that your account was identified as being at risk to potential fraudulent activity due to the presence of a legacy integration method, WebLink.

Because you have not processed a transaction using WebLink in the past four months, that integration has been disabled. If you try to process a transaction using WebLink, you will receive an error response code of 92, 'The gateway no longer supports the requested method of integration.'

If you are using an additional integration method besides WebLink, you will be able to continue processing transactions without interruption. However, if WebLink is your only method of integration, you will need to upgrade immediately. Authorize.Net provides several integration options you can use to upgrade, including using a third party shopping cart, a direct API integration where you host the shopping cart, or using Accept Hosted, which provides the most up-to-date features in a modern, Authorize.Net hosted payment form.

Please contact your web developer or solution provider for assistance, or check out our Certified Developer Directory to find a developer to assist you.

If you have any questions about this email, please contact Customer Support at 877-447-3938. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter and for being an Authorize.Net merchant.

Resolution: This message does not relate to our integration with Authorize.net.
Authorize.Net has a legacy integration method called WebLink.  Having the same name we had is a challenge, complicated more by the fact that it is capitalized the same way we were.  We do not use this legacy integration method. We use their Advanced Integration Method (AIM), which is what this article from them recommends: http://www.authorize.net/content/dam/authorize/documents/Security_0604.pdf
If you receive this message you can disregard it as it does not pertain to our version of MC Trade (WebLink).
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