Welcome to MC Trade 101 Training Curriculum

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Welcome to MC Trade 101 is an introductory course to your MC Trade system that will prepare you for all the other 101 courses in our curriculum. During our MC Trade 101 webinar, we’ll introduce you to the following important items:

  • The multiple ways to access your MC Trade system
  • Understanding MC Trade terminology and management
  • Finding, tracking and managing information about your members
  • Getting training and support from MC Trade

Each item below that's linked will take you to more materials to help you with that specific feature or activity. Detailed Course Agenda:

  1. Access points
    • Download MC Trade (WebLink Connect) to computer, access from desktop
    • Browser Access
      • Ensure personal usernames/passwords for all staff
      • Home screen selection
      • Dashboard – covered further in Level Two
      • Navigation across the top – each module has more detailed training, all modules connect
      • Quick Searching Options
  2. Profile Selector
    • Basic Search – Profile Sort Name Contains Holiday
    • Stacking Criteria - Add Member = True
    • Touch on each tab and discuss type of data it’s used to search
    • Stack criteria from each tab
    • Common Data Views
    • My Data Views – Members in Restaurants in 42628
    • Advanced tab for custom SQL searches
  3. Profile Browser
    • Open Shaffer’s Market profile – discuss navigating back to other screens
    • Use Workspace to close tabs
    • Editing the General Tab
    • Click through common tabs and discuss what type of data is housed there. Most areas will be discussed more thoroughly in other trainings.
  4. Accessing Help Center via MC Trade
  5. Browser Access Point Overview
    • Searching Profiles
    • Reporting
    • Events
    • Admin Functions

Once you complete MC Trade 101, it is highly recommended that you complete all of the other 101 courses.


Watch a Previous Recording of the MC Trade 101 Training Webinar:

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