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To find a specific profile by name, use the Quick Search at the top of the Profiles screens (you'll see this from anywhere in the Profiles module). You can enter 3 or more characters for the automated search to run, looking for any profiles that contain the text that you entered. The more characters you enter, the more refined the results become. You can also enter a Profile ID here to find an exact profile match.

To do a more advanced search and/or run a search for a list of profiles, use the Profile Selector (Profiles > Select Profiles). 

You can enter a profile name or part of a profile name into the keyword search at the top of the criteria section. This will search for any Organization Name, Report Name, Sort Name, First Name, Last Name, or DBA that contains the text you enter. 

Profile Info contains a dropdown of contact information and miscellaneous profile fields like number of employees, Assigned To field, and custom field values to search by. You can add one or more fields to the search in this section. 

Billing allows you to search for profiles that have active billing records meeting the criteria you enter, such as a specific month, revenue item, or amount.

Member Activity contains a dropdown of your different Activity Types, and you can choose one or more with a corresponding date and/or date range to search by. For example, you can search for all "Drop - Nonpayment" types in the past 30 days, OR all "Drop - Saw No Benefit" types in the past 30 days, to get a list of all members who dropped in the past 30 days for either one of those two reasons.

Affiliation Codes allows you to search for profiles that either HAVE, or do NOT HAVE certain affiliation codes assigned. You can add multiple affiliation codes to either search option, and then choose whether the profile has to have all of the profiles you've selected, or just one of them. 

Categories contains a dropdown list of categories and sub-categories, and you can search for all profiles that have an active listing for one or more of those categories.

Events allows you to search for profiles that are linked to either an Attendee record or a Registration record for an event. Note that if you have an organization-based membership, generally the organization will be assigned to the registration and the individual will be assigned to the attendee record. You can also search for profiles that are NOT linked to a certain event. 

Related Profiles has three options:

  • Filter Results based on member status
    The only criteria that can stand alone on this tab without including searches from other tabs, this section has a built-in filter of "member". But instead of looking directly at the Member checkbox on a profile, it looks to see if the profile is related to a member profile. This is handy to pull a list of all Main Contacts of Member profiles, for example. 
  • Add more results based on the criteria on other tabs in the Profile Selector
    To use this option, first enter search criteria on one of the other tabs in the Profile Selector - such as all profiles who joined in the past month, or who have a certain affiliation code or billing month - the result will be all of those profiles AND all of the profiles related to them.
  • Replace the results that are obtained from the criteria on other tabs in the Profile Selector
    Similar to the "Add" option, this relies on search criteria entered on one of the other tabs. It then takes the results from those other criteria, and replaces them with the profiles that are related to them. For example, if you search for all profiles with a $1,000+ annual dues billing, then choose "Replace Results" with "Main Contacts of Results", you'll get all of the Main Contact profiles of the members with a $1,000+ dues billing. 

Common Data Views contains a list of pre-determined data views that filter based on member, prospect or invoice filters. These data views are standard and cannot be altered or mixed with other searches.

My Data Views allows you to save a search to be run again in the future. Start by building any search using any criteria throughout the Profile Selector, then run the search. Now click to My Data Views, and click Save to save the search for future use. The criteria are saved, and the search is re-run with updated results each time you run it moving forward.

Advanced allows you to enter a custom SQL "where" clause against the Profile table. This is for advanced users and requires a raw SQL statement.

After you click Run This Search, the results will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in a paginated grid. Each profile displays on a row with the profile Report Name, Main Contact OR Related Organization, Profile Status, Membership Level, and Profile ID. You can click on the name of any profile to open that profile, or you can click in the Actions dropdown to export a list of your results to CSV. 


Your profile search will be retained even if you navigate away from this page and then back to it. To clear the search and start fresh, click the Clear Search button in the upper right corner of the results grid.


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