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Online Directory Configuration Settings


How do I configure the settings and levels on my online business directory?


To find these Settings, go to Admin > Configuration Settings and choose Search Page Settings (or any of the 4 options below) in MC Trade. NOTE: Please see the attached document at the bottom of this article for a detailed, step-by-step guide if you are setting up the directory for the first time.

The settings screen is divided up into 4 different sections These correspond to the different pages on the directory that visitors to your site encounter. The groups are:

1. Search Page Settings: these correspond to the first, main page of your directory, usually found at or /directory
2. Category Page Settings: these are the settings for the category list page. To see an example, click on any of the Standard Categories in your directory quicklinks on the search page of your directory.
3. Results Page Settings: these settings are for the results page of your directory. This page is displayed when a search returns more than one result, or by loading a category from your category drop-down list.
4. Listing Page Settings: these settings control the individual listing page that is displayed when you click on a listing when on the results page, or when a search has only one result.

After clicking on one of the four pages listed above, you will see a number of collapsed groups. These represent settings for the page and are grouped by together by what they affect. These groups are as follows:

1. Banners: these allow you to set the banner names, heights and widths that appear in the directory. Normally these settings will not need to be altered.
2. Extras: these settings include altering the page title, additional text in the header and footer, and category display options.
3. Map: settings for default map location overrides and entering your Google Maps API key. It's important to enter this API key for your maps to show properly in the directory.
4. Navigation: these control the navigation links at the top of the directory such as the Search Again and Advanced Search links.
5. Page Template: this sets the page design template for the directory, and it is not recommended that you change these settings.
6. Restrictions: controls directory restrictions such as limiting to only display listings for member profiles.
7. Levels 1 - Level 5: each profile listing can have a Listing Level assigned, which dictates how much information is displayed for that profile and how it is displayed. You can set the details for each of the 5 available levels.
8. Sort Order: determines the default sort order for the listings displayed on the results pages.

When done altering settings for any page, click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the settings editor to save before switching to the next page. Your settings changes will be immediate and you can view the new appearance live on your directory.


NOTE: Please see the attached document for a detailed, step-by-step guide if you are setting up the directory for the first time. All references to 'WebLink Local' are simply referring to your online directory; we are working on updating this document to match our current product labeling. 

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