Troubleshooting: Clearing Browser Cache

Browsers have a folder that stores elements for web pages that helps increase the speed at which a page loads.  Occasionally this folder needs to be cleared so that new elements can be downloaded from the page.   As we continue to enhance the MC Trade browser access experience, you may at times need to clear your browser cache to correct errors that occur.  Please follow the steps below to log out of MC Trade and clear your cache:


Log Out of MC Trade Events 

  1.  In the Events Module, click on your name in the upper right
  2. Choose 'Log Out'


Log Out of MC Trade 

  1. In MC Trade, click on 'Log Out'


Clear Your Browser Cache 

There are multiple browsers available for use with MC Trade. To simplify the instructions please click on the link below, choose your browser, and follow the steps listed to clear your cache:

Click Here for Steps to Clear Your Browser Cache


Extra Internet Explorer Note:

For Internet Explorer, you need to have the Preserve Favorites website data box unchecked:




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