New Member Portal Overview

When your members log in to your Member Portal, they'll see a simple profile view that lays out their contact and membership information, as well as additional content configured by you. Individuals who have permission to edit on behalf of a related organization (or organizations that can manage their related subsidiary organizations) will see a "Switch Profile" button at the top of the page, allowing them to seamlessly jump between the profiles to which they have access.


A logged-in profile can switch to any profile for which they are the Main Contact, or any profile for which they have explicitly been set as "Editor" in the related profile permissions. 

Below are the main areas of the Member Portal for each profile:

Member portal home

This is where your members will land, and they'll see their own profile picture and contact information along with small panels of different types of membership information. 


Web content that has been uploaded or linked in MC Trade (e.g., images and documents) can be added to the Welcome message or to the custom submenu.

  • Open Invoices: display the balance due for any profiles to which the member has access, with a button to go to the payment screen for more details and to pay. 
    • Payment History: views a list of all previous invoices for the member, with the ability to reprint the invoice with payment information 
    • Automatic Recurring Billing: if the member has a billing record that can be set as an ARB through your gateway, it will appear under the Open Invoices panel
  • Related Profiles: this displays the related organization(s) of an individual profile, or if the member is viewing the organization, the list of employees and subsidiaries for that organization. 
  • My Events: displays past and future events for which the member is registered
  • Certifications & CEUs: displays any active certifications and/or earned Continuing Education Units for the profile being viewed
  • Committees: displays committees on which an individual profile serves, including a list of all committees for any related profile when viewing an organization. Note that when viewing the organization, the link to view Committee Roster reports for the committee will not display. The user can only view Committee Rosters on their own profile. 
  • Benefits: displays any active benefits for the profile, with a progress bar indicating usage
  • Upload Media: allows the member to upload a logo or listing photo for the online directory, and edit any existing images

Edit this profile

This is where members can edit the contact information, listings, social media, affiliation codes and custom fields to which they have access, for the profile they are viewing. Changes made here are submitted to the Profile Change Requests holding tank, for MC Trade admin users to approve before they flow through to the profile. 


Pay open invoices

Accessible from the home profile view as well as the menu, this page displays all invoices related to the logged-in profile. It will include all invoices on their own profile, any invoices for related profiles they have access to edit, and any invoices for which they are listed as the "Communicate With" profile (such as an event registration invoice, for example). 

Click here for more details on the features available to members through the portal open invoices page.


This page displays any profiles that are related to the profile the member is viewing. If the user is an individual related to a member organization, they will see that organization listed here. If the user is an editor of an organization, they can switch to the organization profile to view and edit all of the profiles related to the organization.


If you have granted permission, they can also make the following changes:

  • Add a profile: this will add a new related profile using the Relation Type you indicate in your settings, and allow the user to enter all contact information etc. for the new profile
  • Edit: on each of the profiles in the grid, you can click Actions > Edit to update the profile information of the related profile. The user must have editor access or you must have granted full permission to edit related profiles. 
  • Remove: this option will NOT actually delete the relationship or profile, but will instead set the relationship to use the Relation Type you indicate in your settings (usually "Former Employee")

The Main Contact, Billing Contact, Editor, and Receives Communication checkboxes can also be updated for any of the profiles in the grid. 

Members can also access any content you've added to the custom menu, or click "Change Password" in the greeting bar to update their credentials. 


June 9, 2021 BiWeekly User Group Recording - Members Only Overview

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