Year-End Best Practices: 10 Best Practices for Ending the Year in MC Trade

Is it time to do an annual review of your MC Trade system? Of course it is!!

Watch the video below and download our guide to the Year End Best Practices Guide. In this guide, you'll get see why the following activities can help you ensure next year is even better than this one:

    1. Start with the 30,000-ft View
    2. Congratulate the Winners
    3. Analyze the Drops
    4. Protect the Adds
    5. Fill the Gaps
    6. Clean up the Codes
    7. Eliminate Duplicate Profiles
    8. Analyze the Revenue
    9. Prep for Next year
    10. Learn more at the Help Center and User Community

Click below to Download the Year-End Best Practices Guide: 10 Best Practices for Ending the Year in MC Trade.

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