How To Setup Atlas to Integrate With CapWiz

Integrate with CapWiz
How do I set up Atlas to integrate with CapWiz?

CapWiz offers you the ability to manage legislative updates and action items with your members.  You can send legislative alerts to your members targeted for a specific federal or state district.  These alerts can include a call to action where your members can opt-in to have messages sent to their representatives on their behalf through the CapWiz system.  The tracking from these activities can then be brought back into Atlas to be reviewed.  CapWiz is a third-party service and you must have an account with them to utilize Atlas's integration.

1. You will need to set up an account with CapWiz. They will issue you a set of credentials to place in our software.
2. Go To Admin -> Set Preferences -> Application Settings, then go to the CapWiz tab..
3. Type in your Username, Password and Client ID on the screen.

4. Click Save and then Done.

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