Overview of the Contacts and Sales Modules

MC Trade's powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features allow you to not only track and manage your relationship with all of the organizations and individuals you work with, but also to manage your sales efforts within those groups.

Contacts Module

The Contacts Module enables you to keep extensive records on every interaction with your members and their employees, or the members themselves if you are an Individual membership structure.

Some of the key attributes of the Contacts Module include:

  • Creating your own Contact Types, so that you can record the different types of interactions you have
  • Identifying who you interacted with at an Organization, so that you can record the interaction at the member level but see which person you actually met with
  • Creating follow up tasks from a Contact so that future interactions are scheduled and assigned to you or other users
  • The ability to create Contacts manually or automatically, individually or in bulk
  • CopyMe, an additional service that dynamically creates Contact Records from emails your staff send through 3rd Party email systems like Outlook or Gmail.


The Contacts Module is included with these MC Trade Packages:

Sales Module

The MC Trade Sales Module gives your team the ability to track and manage all of their sales and prospecting activities right inside the system, so that you can see the entire life cycle from prospecting to membership.

The Sales Module is based on Sales Opportunities: records of the items you are trying to sell to a Profile. Profiles can have as many Sales Opportunities as you need, so everything you sell can be managed and tracked inside the system. Sales Opportunities can track a lot of helpful information, so you can analyze and forecast your revenue stream:

  • Source Codes, to see where your leads are coming from
  • Probability Codes, to see how likely a particular sales is to happen
  • Estimated Close dates, to track when payments should be coming in
  • Revenue Items, so that you are tracking your sales against the same items you manage Revenues for
  • Lost Reason and Dates, in case you ever lose sales and need to know why

In addition to the information contained within a particular Sales Opportunity, MC Trade has several Reports and Features that can help your efforts:

  • Sales Opportunity Reports by User and by Date, so you can see the history of opportunity generation and charts on the status of those opportunities
  • Configurability, so that all of your Sales Opportunity Codes follow your language and processes

The Sales Module is included with these MC Trade Packages:

To request a free trial of the Sales module, email customersuccess@memberclicks.com.

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