Create a Task (desktop version)

There are three areas from which you can setup new Tasks. Depending on which area you are creating it from there will be some different options, but all will have the same basic effect. No matter where you setup a new Task it will appear on the assigned user's dashboard.

Create a Task

  1. Go to Tasks > Create a New Task. The New Task window will open
  2. Follow the steps above, starting with step 2.

Create a Task from My Dashboard

This option will insert a new task in the dashboard of the user that the task is assigned to.

  1. From the Dashboard window, right-click in the Data Grid and choose Create New Task. The New Task window will appear.
  2. Give the task a title.
  3. Choose the Task Type. These are codes which your System Administrator can create in the Admin section.
  4. Choose the Assigned User the Task is assigned to.
  5. The Assigned By field will be defaulted to the current user name but you may override this if necessary.
  6. If this Task is related to a Project, you can select the Project from the Project drop-down manu.
  7. URL: This allows you to use Web Content Management to load and link documents or images and place the URL here for future reference.
  8. If the task is related to a Profile within your organization you may choose the Profile by clicking the ... button.
  9. Set the Due Date by which the task must be completed.
  10. Choose the Priority Level of the task, with 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest.
  11. In the Hours Projected field, enter the time you expect the task will take.
  12. In the Hours Spent field, the user that the task is assigned to will enter the time it took them. If time has already been spent on this new task, you can enter it here.
  13. In the Budget field, enter what has been budgeted for this task.
  14. In the Actual field, enter the actual dollar amount spent (or you can enter this later).
  15. In the checkbox for Global Task you may make the task Global. This will allow everyone in the organization to see the task directly on their Dashboard.
  16. If you check the box for Must Confirm, the user must confirm that they received the task. When this box is checked it tells the assigned user to confirm that they have reviewed the task. When the user receives the task they will notice that it must be confirmed and have to open the task and check the confirmed box. When you want to see if that task was confirmed, just find the task and the color coding scheme on your dashboard will tell you if the task has been confirmed.
  17. On the Notes tab you have the choice of keeping notes private, for Internal use only by using the Internal Notes area or you can choose to write in the External Notes that will be visible in certain reports.
  18. In the Status tab there are four check boxes next to the description field. The first one is to set a Reminder Date. This is the date the task will appear on the Assigned To user's Dashboard. The other check boxes are for the user to record their activity - when the task is Started, Confirmed, and/or Completed.
  19. There are three fields on the bottom, one allows you to choose the e-mail address(s) to notify when the task is complete. This will default to the assigned profile's default e-mail, although you may add or change this if necessary. There is a check box to Open Task for Editing After Save and there is also a check box to create a contact record.
  20. Click Save.

Create a Task From Within a Profile

  1. Search for and open the Profile.
  2. Click the Tasks tab in the Profile.
  3. Right click in the datagrid and select New task.
  4. Follow the steps above, starting with Step 2.


 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.


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