Overview of the Tasks and Projects Modules

The MC Trade Tasks and Projects Modules allow you to track and manage a wide range of activities. The application of these activities can be varied:

  • Event Logistics-- for events you offer many times per year
  • Retention Efforts--to engage a member several times per year
  • Onboarding Projects - to ensure your organization welcomes new members the same way every time
  • and many more...


Tasks are single To-Do Items. Each Task has a certain set of information that can help you manage the effort it took to complete the Task. When applied to a Profile, Tasks can be an effective method of documenting the positive things you do on behalf of your members. Tasks have many helpful attributes:

  • Can be linked to a Profile
  • Can be assigned to yourself or another MC Trade user
  • Date Tracking for Date Due, Date Started, Date Completed, Date Confirmed
  • Time Tracking (Task Hours) to document
  • Priority Setting
  • Response Time Tracking
  • Attaching Documents
  • Tracking of Tasks you've assigned to other users
  • Bulk Creation, Editing, Time Tracking, and Closing capabilities
  • Creation of Emails upon Task Completion
  • Creation of Contacts upon Completion
  • Budget and Actual Amount tracking

The Tasks Module is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.



Projects are collections of Tasks that can be managed from a centralized Project management area. Many organizations use Projects as a way to document and track the collective effort it takes their staff to complete large and important activities. Because they can be configured so specifically, Projects can range from logistical efforts to put on a large event, or internal procedures your staff should follow and document.

When a Project reoccurs frequently, Project Types and Project Templates allow you to automate the creation of Projects and their related Tasks, so that you can utilize complex projects more quickly. Projects have many helpful attributes:

  • Can be linked to a Profile, Event  or Sales Opportunity
  • Benchmark and Milestone Tasks
  • Email capabilities to communicate with anyone assigned a Task in a Project
  • Bulk Due Date editing
  • Dynamic Task Date Due Assignment based on a target completion date
  • Dynamic Due Date Extension
  • Date Started, Date Due and Date Completed Tracking
  • Status Tracking

The Projects Module is included with the following MC Trade packages. To request a free trial, email customersuccess@memberclicks.com.

How Tasks and Projects Work Together

Projects essentially allow you to manage several tasks in pursuit of one overarching goal. Because each Task can have it's own Due Date, Task Type, and Assigned User, managing them from a Project gives the Project Administrator much more control and flexibility. Below is an illustration of how Tasks and Projects work together.



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