Create a New Event

Events can be created from scratch at any time, for any size event - whether it's an annual conference or a small networking event. Regardless if you need special pricing or registration form questions, all events get created the same way:


Note: If you have an event that is being repeated, you can Copy an existing event for the purpose of using the same configuration settings but offering a new date or location for the event. Click here if you would rather copy an existing event than create one from scratch.

Follow these steps to create a new Event:

  1. In the Events menu, click Create New Event. The New Event window will appear.
  2. Enter an Event Name for the event.
  3. Select a Start Date and Start Time.
  4. Select an End Date and End Time.
  5. Click Save.

Once saved, your new event will open with the name and date/time saved and displaying the Event Dashboard. At this point, your event exists but still needs to be configured. The list below identifies the major settings areas for you to configure.


Watch a Training Video:

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