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VoterVoice is an advocacy software that helps organizations make their voice heard in the political arena. VoterVoice gives you tools to manage campaigns, awareness, grassroots engagement and legislative analysis at the local to national level. To set up this integration, you must have an account with VoterVoice that will allow API access. Click here to learn more, and/or contact with any questions. 

As your AMS, MC Trade is "home base" for all of your members, prospective members and their related people and companies. This integration allows you to pull state and federal legislative district and government officials data into your MC Trade profiles. This data can then be used for better member intelligence, targeting and analytics. The VV legislative data can be viewed within each profile, and updated periodically for new profiles as well as after election cycles. 


What data is passed from VoterVoice to MC Trade?

For all profiles that have a valid address entered and are selected to sync, all available federal and state government district and official data will be saved in the Voter Voice tab in the MC Trade profile. What data is returned is determined by the type of account/data you have access to in Voter Voice, and can include the following:

  • President, Vice President, and other Federal Executive offices
  • US Senate District/Senators
  • US House District/Representative
  • State Senate District/Senator
  • State House District/Representative
  • Party Affiliation where applicable

To configure this data sync into your MC Trade profiles, go to Admin > Global Settings, then click Integrations, VoterVoice. 

  • Enter the Association ID and API Key provided by your VoterVoice account.
  • To run a full sync of all address/district/official data on any set of profiles, click Update Government Data. This will generate all current data based on latest elections, etc. This data will not be updated automatically with the nightly sync, and should only be done periodically.
  • To sync all profiles with the government data that has been generated, click Sync Profile Data.
  • To ensure profile address updates, new profiles, etc. are updated with VoterVoice data automatically each night, check "Update VoterVoice profile data each night for all profiles." 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered in the Online Bill Pay Notification email in Global Settings each time the sync is complete.

Once data is synced, you can see it on the "VoterVoice" panel within a profile, and/or search by VoterVoice district/official data in the Profile Selector.



This feature is included with the following MC Trade packages. 


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