Integrate Atlas with IntAcct Accounting Package

Atlas integrates with IntAcct to help streamline your accounting data entry. You can set up the connection to your company's IntAcct file in the Admin section, and use this connection to import General Ledger accounts for setup, and to actually post transactions entered into Atlas as journal entries to IntAcct.

1. In the main menu, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings.

2. Click the Accounting Package Integration tab.

3. Click the Edit/View Accounting Packages link.

4. Click New to add a new Accounting Package.

5. In the Package Type dropdown, choose IntAcct.

6. Enter a name for the Package so you can identify it in Atlas (you can simply name it 'IntAcct' or anything you like).

7. Scroll to the right until you see the IntAcct columns - CustomerID, UserID, and Password.  Fill these three fields in with the appropriate value from your IntAcct account.

8. Click Save, then click the Test IntAcct Connection link (you may need to scroll to the right to see this).

9.  Log in to your Intacct account and access the Company Configuration Security tab and add: WebLink

This step allows approval for Web Service Requests between Atlas and Intacct.  More information on how to complete these steps in Intacct can be found here:

If for any reason you do not get a successful test, double-check that you have entered everything correctly. If you still cannot get the test to complete successfully, contact Support.

Once you have completed this integration, you can set up your Revenue Codes in the Admin section to connect with your General Ledger Accounts. See more articles and training on how to complete this setup in the Revenue section of the Help Center.


I'm Connected!..... Now what?

Congratulations!  Now use the articles below to complete the integration:

  1. Import your Account Codes from IntAcct to MC Trade.
  2. Assign those Account Codes to your Revenue Items, Payment Types, and Adjustment Types.
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