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Note:  The WMS Import Tool is only available for MC Trade customers in the Home Builders Association vertical.  The WMS import tool is currently designed to accept files in the WMS 1.5 or 2.0 CSV file format only.  When exporting files from WMS, choose the WMS option and it will export the file as CSV. For state HBAs, you can select one or multiple locals to export into the same file.

To import a file that has been exported from WMS:

Go to Profiles > NAHB > WMS Import and follow the steps below to import your file.

Enter a Notification Email – By default, this is the email address of the logged-in user.  This email will receive a notification when the import is complete, along with any exceptions that occurred.  You may enter a different email address here if desired.   You may also enter multiple email addresses, separated by a semi-colon.  (address1@domain.com; address2@domain.com; address3@domain.com )

Select the CSV file from your computer you want to import.  This will be the file you have downloaded from NAHB’s WMS and have saved as a CSV file.

Match Type:  Select the data you wish to match on to determine if the records already exists in your database.

  • If you select Match on Profile ID, you must insert three columns on the far left of the spreadsheet titled Profile ID, Contact Profile ID and Spike Profile ID, since each row can contain data for three profiles in MC Trade.  Then manually add the Profile ID in the appropriate column for each row.
  • (Recommended) Match on Company ID, Contact PIN or Spike PIN- If the Company ID, Contact PIN or Spike PIN on a row matches a profile in MC Trade, it will only update that record based on the overwrite settings below; it will not create a new record.  If a match is not found on Company ID, Contact PIN or Spike PIN, then attempt to match on Organization Name (for Companies), or First and Last Name (for Individuals).
  • (Recommended) Create a profile if a match is not found -  This option can be checked in combination with the checkboxes above. When checked, any records not matched on the criteria above will be added as new profiles in MC Trade.

Sample screen shot below:


Member Flag

Checkbox: Change the member flag for existing profiles

  • Choose this option if you want the import to check/uncheck your profiles as members based on the member status in the file
  • Do not choose this option if you only want to update or create new records without checking/unchecking the member check box on existing records.

Checkbox:  Set the member flag for new profiles - Choose this option if you want any new profiles in the file to be flagged as members.

Sample screen shot below:

If you have selected to change or set the member flag in the options above, the following Status Codes will be flagged as members. All other Status Codes will be flagged as non-members.

  • [Blank] (Active)
  • New Member (Code A)
  • Reinstated (Code B)
  • Pre-Paid (Code E)
  • Renewal (Code F)


In the next section, you will select whether the company or the contact columns in the .CSV spreadsheet should be flagged as the member, for each member type. This step is extremely important to ensure that the correct profiles are flagged as members in your database.

  • This allows you to set which type of records in the csv file are flagged a members and whether the individual or company receives the member flag.
  • If you do not want a particular Member Type in the csv to be flagged as a member in your database, select "None."
  • For example, if you'd like all Builders and Associates to be flagged as company records, but have all Affiliate members flagged as individuals, you can select Company for the first two member types and Contact for the Affiliate member type. Note that if ALL members are individuals, you must select "Contact" for each type that you want to be set as a member in MC Trade. 

Sample screen shot below:


Field Overwrite Settings

  1. Choose the fields you want to overwrite with data from the csv file. 
  2. For each field you can choose:
    1. Do Not Overwrite
    2. Overwrite Always
    3. Overwrite If Blank

Note: The anniversary date field in the csv file will be used only to determine the most recent membership for duplicate members, and will not import/overwrite data for your profiles.

Sample screen shot below:


Main Contact Override Handling – This feature is ONLY necessary if you would like to NOT overwrite the Main Contacts of profiles already in MC Trade if those organizational profiles had certain Affiliation Codes.  Check this box only if you want to change how main contacts at organizations are handled during the import process.  Additional configurations will then become available.

Do not override the main contact of the organization if the organization has the following Affiliation Code(s). -

  • First select the AffCode(s) for profiles that should receive the special handling. (Organizational profiles that have the selected AffCode(s) will not have their existing main contact overwritten).
  • Then, choose the following as needed:
    • Instead of overriding the main contact use this Affiliation Code for imported main contacts:  Then choose the Affiliation Code that should be placed on the individual’s profile.
    • Instead of overriding the main contact use this Affiliation Code for imported main contacts: Then choose Relation Type.
    • Use Specific Address Type instead of default address when updating main contact address.  Then choose Address Type.   This will create a new address with the selected address type for the organizational profile.


Final Step - Click on Upload to upload the list and begin the import process.  You will receive a notification that the process has begun and that an email will be sent to the email address(es) entered at the beginning when the file has been processed. The email will contain a confirmation of how many row/records were processed and a notice of any exceptions. Exceptions may include invalid data entries based on the WMS file format specifications from NAHB, or may include notice that column headers were named incorrectly. 

One exception to note in particular is a Spike mismatch. A member can only have one Spike, therefore if the CSV file contains a different Spike than a profile already has listed, an exception will be thrown and that row will NOT be imported. You can then update the date in the CSV linked in the exception email and re-import just those records.

Watch an Overview Training Webinar about our WMS Integration below:

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