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This article applies only to Home Builders Associations (HBAs).

The WMS Export Tool is used to export records that have been updated since the last export so they can be provided to the NAHB.  The export file was created using the NAHB's file specification document for WMS 2.0.   The fields included in the report are based on this specification document.

To access the WMS Export Tool, go to Profiles > NAHB > WMS Export in the MC Trade desktop application.

The tool will allow you to create a new export with changes since your last export.  Or you can view historical batches of exported data and re-export them if needed.

The first time a staff member at your HBA comes to this screen, they will see a Last Exported Batch Date of 1900/01/01. This is simply a default system date and indicates that an export has never been completed.  After each export batch the Last Exported Batch Date will be updated automatically.

To export a new set of data, check the radio button next to "New Changes Since the Last Exported Batch" and click Search.

Your NAHB data will be prepared and loaded into the grid below. You can click the column header of the Transaction Type (or other columns) to sort the data, and click the Profile ID to view the profile associated with the membership on each row.

Click on Validation Issues to to records that may cause exceptions or errors when uploading the file to NAHB.  This will allow you to go correct those items before re-running and exporting the data.  You may also right click in the grid to export the grid contents to a csv file.  Doing so will not trigger an export batch and will allow you to review the information in more detail, make changes to the appropriate profiles and then generate another set of changes for export.

You can choose to remove any transaction from the batch by selecting the row (or hold down your Ctrl key to select multiple) and clicking Exclude Selected Transactions. Note that if you remove any transaction and then click Export, that transaction will NOT be included in this or any future batch unless you have customized your export formulas to allow this (see below for more details on customizing formulas).

When you are ready to export, click the Export button near the bottom of the screen.  The file will be prepared and emailed to the email address associated with the logged in user.  A pop up notification will confirm which email address the file will be sent to.

Within a few minutes the email will arrive at the user's email address.  Within the email will be a link to download the tab separated text file as specified by the WMS file 2.0 specifications.

Download the file to your computer and remember where you save it so you can find it later when you upload it to NAHB's WMS.

 Transaction Type Definitions

 There are eight (8) different transaction types (types of changes that have occurred to profiles) that the NAHB accepts.  

  • New Member
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation
  • Contact Info Changed
  • New Contact
  • Company Info Changed
  • New Spike
  • Member Type Changed

The export process has built in formulas to determine which profiles have which types of changes, which are detailed below. 

  • New Member- Records that have an invoice with a payment applied against a revenue item flagged as Dues Type and that have a Member Activity Code of the Add Type since the last export.
  • Renewal - Records that have a payment applied to an invoice generated from a billing record with a revenue item flagged as Dues Type, and do NOT have a Member Activity Code of Add since the last export.
  • Cancellation  - Records that a Member Activity Code of the Drop Type since the last export.
  • Contact Info Changed  - Records that have had data changed or updated since the last export on the individual profile associated with the membership (this may be the individual Member profile, or the Member's main contact, depending on your membership structure).
  • New Contact - Member organization profiles that have had a new related profile flagged as the Main Contact on the Related Profiles tab since the last export.
  • Company Info Changed - Records that have had data changed or updated on organizational records since the last export (this may be the organization Member profile, or the individual Member profile's related company, depending on your membership structure).
  • New Spike - Records that have had a Spike changed or added since the last export on the Related Profiles tab.
  • Member Type Changed  - Records that have had a change in the Member Type field on the NAHB tab since the last export.

In addition, the formula for each transaction type can be changed to suit your individual HBA's business process. If your organization needs to change the formula that determines each of the 8 transaction types, you can go to Profiles > NAHB > NAHB Transaction Type Formulas to see the standard formulas and enter new ones.   Note:  Due to the potential complex nature of these formulas, the MC Trade data and support team will usually need to assist you in editing these formulas. 


Watch an Overview Training Webinar about our WMS Integration below:

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