Bigcommerce: Find and track Bigcommerce invoices in MC Trade

To use this feature, you must have a Bigcommerce account.

Once orders are created in Bigcommerce, an invoice is created for that order in MC Trade. The invoices are created based on your revenue settings, and are assigned either to a member profile (if the customer signed in), or your anonymous web purchase profile. These invoices are updated automatically if information changes in Bigcommerce, such as cancelling or refunding an order. You'll see the invoices in WebLink searches and reporting just like any other invoice, but you also have the option to search specifically for invoices created through Bigcommerce and reassign them to different profiles if necessary. 

1. Go to and log in with your email address and MC Trade password (the invoice management screen is available on your MC Trade browser interface).

2. Click Bigcommerce > Invoice Management.

3. All invoices created from Bigcommerce orders are listed, with the most recent orders at the top. You can fill in a date range and click Search to narrow to only specific dates, or type in an Order ID if you have a specific order you need to look up. If you'd like to limit the grid to only display orders that were not tied to a specific profile, click "Only Anonymous Profiles" before searching.


4. If you cannot find the invoice/order you're looking for, it may not have been imported because of a disconnected "sync" with Bigcommerce. You can manually import or update the order using the "Import" feature on the right. Type in the order number, and click Import. 


5. Invoices are assigned to profiles automatically based on your settings (click here for more information).

a. If the Bigcommerce customer was logged in when they placed their order, and they have a profile in your MC Trade database, the invoice will already be on the individual (or organization) profile, based on your settings. No further action is required.


b. If the Bigcommerce customer was not logged in or does not have a profile in MC Trade, the invoice will be on your anonymous profile. To assign the invoice to a member (or other) profile:

- In the Invoice Profile column, click the Actions dropdown and select Change Profile. 
- Type in part or all of the name of the profile to which you want to assign the invoice, and click Go. 
- Click "Select" next to the correct profile. You will see the invoice grid update with the new profile ID and name.

6. In the "Customer Profile" column, you'll see the individual profile that is synced to the Bigcommerce customer who placed the order. If this says "No Profile," the customer was not logged in and/or did not have a corresponding profile in MC Trade. To create an individual profile based on the customer information:
- In the Customer Profile column, click the Actions dropdown and select Create Profile From Customer.
- Alter any contact information if desired, then click Save.


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