Create an Invoice

Most dues renewal and event invoices in your system will be generated automatically for you, but sometimes you'll need to manually create an invoice for an ad-hoc item like a fee for a paid service, conference room rental, advertising opportunity, etc. 


To create a new invoice, search for the profile you want to create the invoice on and view the Transactions page for that profile. Click New Invoice (you can also find a quicklink to create a new invoice on the Profile View of the profile, in the Revenue panel). 


The first section contains the Invoice Details, which will populate with default information from the profile. This includes the "Attention" field for the specific person to receive the invoice (the billing contact for the profile), the Bill To and Ship To name and address that will display on your printable invoice template, and space to record an invoice memo and comments (your notes to the recipient), PO Number, Terms, and a reference number for your use. All of these fields are automated/optional and you can generally just click down to Line Items.

Next, click Line Items to create the actual line items for the invoice. An invoice must have at least one line item.


  • Choose a Revenue Item for the line item. Your system administrator controls the list of available Revenue Items in your Admin Codes in MC Trade. 
  • Description: This will automatically populate from the selected Revenue Item, but you can edit the text. It will appear printed on your invoice for the member to see.
  • The Apply Date defaults to the current day. This is the date of the transaction and will translate to your accounting software if you are integrated with one.
  • Service Period Start/End Date: these default to the current date, and may add a default service period based on the Revenue Item settings. This date range is important for accrual-based revenue recognition.
  • The Unit Price and Quantity will create the price for the line item. If you use non-standard pricing, you can click base/flat fee to add additional pricing options. 
  • Sold By: if you would like to record a salesperson for this specific invoice, you can select them here.

You can add multiple line items to any invoice, just click Add Line Item for the number necessary for this particular invoice.

If you do not yet have a payment for this invoice, you can now click Save at the top to create your invoice. If you do already have a payment to record, click to the Payment tab on the left. 


You can enter the payment details here, and the payment will be created and applied to your new line item(s) on save. Click here for more details on applying payments.

Once all invoice information, line items, and payments (if applicable) have been entered, click Save at the top right. The invoice will be created and you'll be taken back to the screen you came from. You can then find the invoice on the Profile's Transactions screen, and/or in the Invoice Selector.



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