ZipRecruiter Backfill Configuration

Backfill Configuration

This will add an area to your job board that displays relevant jobs from ZipRecruiter. This is a great way to make your board appear more populated and appealing to employers.

If you're using the ZipRecruiter backfill option, this is where you'll configure your ZipRecruiter backfill.

  • Zip Recruiter Publisher Key: Reach out to our support team to receive your publisher key.
  • Location: Filter Backfill jobs by a specific location.
  • Radius in Miles: How far from the location should the search radius extend?
  • Search Terms: Enter terms to use by default. If you have a niche board, this will help ensure your users see relevant jobs in the Backfill on your homepage.
    • The ZipRecruiter API backfill supports AND and NOT operators. You will not be able to search for two separate keywords using the OR operator.

    • “Sales” “Medical”, two separate words in quotes: This is taken as an AND relationship, and returns the most relevant jobs with both Sales AND Medical.

    • "Sales Medical", entire phrase in quotations: The search looks for an exact match to the phrase "Sales Medical".

    • Sales Medical, no quotations: This is taken as a soft AND relationship. Soft AND means that results with all words in the query are preferred, but depending on the query, missing words are sometimes allowed (in particular, queries with 4+ words). Be careful not to enter too many terms, as this will reduce match quality.

    • “Sales” -Medical, use of minus sign: This is taken as a NOT relationship and return jobs that include Sales but NOT Medical. Please note that if you pass "Sales -Medical" with everything in quotations, it looks for an exact match to the phrase "Sales -medical".

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