06-30-2020 Service Interruption

07/01/2020 Update

At this time the regional ISP has advised stability on their services and we are no longer seeing errors with Atlas services.  If you are still experiencing any problems connecting to the Atlas services, please submit a request to our support team for immediate assistance.


At approximately 4:00 PM EST Atlas engineers identified an interruption in services due to a routing issue caused by a regional internet service provider local to our data center.  We completed updates to work around the intermittent interruptions at approximately 4:30 PM EST which restored most services for customers.  Currently the regional internet service provider is still experiencing problems that could impact customers as they connect from their own locations to our data center in Tulsa, OK.  These interruptions could impact the following services:

- Atlas desktop application
- Atlas browser based web application
- Event Registration
- Members Only Portal pages

We are continuing to monitor the situation with the regional ISP and will post additional updates to this article if they are provided.  Thank you for your patience while we continue to monitor this situation.

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