New Profile Module Launch - 2/24/2020

We’re thrilled to announce that starting the week of February 24, you’ll see a new, digestible, easy-to-use Profiles module in the browser version of your MC Trade database. This huge step of moving the Profiles module to the browser is important (and exciting!) as it opens the door for us to add all other functionality to the browser (like revenue, committees, tasks, and more).

Why move features to the browser, anyway? Making this move creates the opportunity for us to add more functionality to the browser, which will vastly improve your current workflows and, most importantly, give you an intuitive and modern experience that the desktop version just can’t provide.

So what can you access in the browser now? Specifically: 

  • Profile Selector: an advanced search tool to find specific profiles or lists/groups of profiles based on a range of criteria, with the ability to export that data
  • Profile View: at-a-glance view of all vital profile information for any member, individual, or prospect
  • Profile Edit: full editing capabilities of the many profile fields, as well as the ability to add related data such as listings, contact records, etc.
  • Add a Member/Prospect Workflows: replace the legacy “wizard” style of adding a new member profile in the browser, guiding the user through the creation of a new member and streamlining this process as much as possible

What’s next? This change has been vetted by Beta customers over several months to make sure these new tools are ready for you to use. We’ve created documentation about Managing Profiles in the Browser as well as Revenue in the Browser. As questions come up, we encourage you to contact the Help Team.

One final thing: We’re hosting a webinar in March about making the most of these updated workflows – more details coming soon!

UPDATED: Join us for a webinar on the new features on March 11th at 2:00 PM EDT. CLICK HERE to register!

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