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First things first, you continue to be our focus as we manage these uncertain times.  Associations and chambers are the very fabric of our country and we know how important your role to society is in times like these. With that, I want to share some insight into our current thinking on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and how MemberClicks is managing through the challenge with our customers and our employees in mind.

We’re here to support you. We understand that member organizations, in particular, feel the effects of not being able to gather and engage as you normally would. We also know that you depend on your MemberClicks team, especially during difficult times. You should, and you can now more than ever. Know that:

  • We’re eager and ready to assist however we can: don’t hesitate to reach out as you normally would by email, live chat, or phone.

  • Your data is safe and secure with us. Over the years, we’ve made significant investments in our products and network infrastructure including partnering with world-class companies like Amazon Web Services (hosting), Sendgrid (email delivery), New Relic (monitoring and visibility) and Cloudflare (security and scalability). These investments give us an improved ability to respond to changes in customer demand, whether that change is due to normal organizational growth or something unexpected like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We’ll continue to monitor all of our customer workloads and are prepared to respond with capacity changes as needed.

  • We’ll continue to share and provide resources that address common and evolving concerns for the association and chamber industries due to COVID-19. Here are a few to get you started:

What about The Clicks? We’re now a high-functioning virtual company. All Clickers have been working from home starting last week and will continue until it’s safe to return to the office. The good news is, this has not (and will not) affect our operations: we already have the infrastructure, processes, and security in place to continue to support you, so the Help and Customer Success teams remain fully functional and can do their jobs entirely remote as needed. Morale remains high (we even did a virtual St. Patrick’s Day happy hour!) and we remain as eager as ever to support your every need.  

For now, it’s business-as-close-to-usual-as-possible. If you have any questions or concerns, just reach out. As always, thank you for being a loyal MemberClicks customer.

Mark Sedgley
President & CEO

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