Communicating Membership Renewals During COVID-19


As a new month begins, the normal cycle of sending out Dues Renewal notices is coming around and this time you're doing it in the midst of a global pandemic. Your members are facing issues they've never faced before, and it can be hard to know what to say in this situation. We've put together a sample outline of a what your Dues Renewal notifications/emails/letters can look like during this time, for you to customize as necessary. You can see the text of the template below, or click the attachment at the bottom to download a Word version of the template. 

Dear [MEMBER],

The [ORGANIZATION NAME] community — you, your fellow members, staff, the board — has always known that we’re much stronger when we act together. Remember what it was like when we...

  • List an example or two of how your organization has accomplished major goals or milestones as a group
  • For example, think to your fundraising, advocacy, and continuing education efforts

Now, the world is making unprecedented moves to come together (while staying six feet apart) to protect its most vulnerable. As we continue to navigate new challenges, we wanted to make sure you know how we’ll continue to fight with and for you:

List the benefits and resources that’ll make the most impact in the coming months; if you are offering anything to members for FREE, mention it!  

  • To get your wheels turning, think about things that will help them….sustain their business, provide resources to their own customers, keep their job, be prepared to find a new job, boost their knowledge while they have down time, manage a work-life balance from home, rethink a business plan or strategy, navigate federal loan and stimulus opportunities and other industry-specific legislation, etc.

The [ORGANIZATION NAME] will always be in your corner, whether times are prosperous are or not. In light of current events, [This is where you would explain your dues policy for the time being. Are you offering or extending a grace period? Waiving dues entirely? Be super clear, and don’t be afraid to be honest that you require revenue in order to continue providing these resources, too.]

Are you with us? To renew your membership, click here. And if you have any questions or would like to see any specific resources in the coming months, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Be well,


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