Create a Task (browser version)

You can create a new Task from your own Dashboard, the Task Search page, or from a specific profile's Tasks section. 

Dashboard: click View My Tasks, then click the Add a Task button above the grid

Task Search: go to Profiles > Tasks, then click the Add a Task button

Profile: in the profile view, scroll down to the Tasks section and click the Add a Task link. Note that when adding a task from a profile, you'll skip the first step displayed below. 


First, search for and select a profile to which to link the task. This is useful for any task that needs to be done for a specific member/prospect profile in your database, to track on their profile specifically. However, if you need to enter a task that is NOT specific to any one profile, you can skip this step and click Create Unlinked Task at the bottom of the search. 


  1. In the upper right corner of the task window, your username will be displayed as the user the Task is going to be assigned to. If you are creating this task to assign to someone else, you can change this field to select a different user. If you assign a task to a user other than yourself, that user will be notified via email upon saving that they have a new task assigned to them. 
  2. Enter a short description of the task/what needs to be completed
  3. Assigned By will default to your own username, but if you are entering this on behalf of a different user you can change that here.
  4. Task Type is a system code that you can customize in your Admin section, and allows you to categorize your tasks by type
  5. Enter a Due Date for your task, indicating the date by which it needs to be completed
  6. If you would like the system to send a notification to someone when this task is completed, enter that email address here. Note that this will automatically populate with the Assigned By user's email address if the Task is assigned to someone else
  7. Finally, if you have any additional notes about what needs to be done for the task, enter that here.
  8. Click Save.

Once a Task is saved, it will display in the Tasks section on the profile to which it was linked (if applicable), as well as on the Dashboard of the user to which it was assigned. You can click Edit (or Actions > Edit) to reopen and edit any of the task fields. 

In the Dashboard, you can also click the Actions dropdown for any Task to mark that task as complete, which will remove it from your dashboard view. 

To search for Tasks not assigned to you, use the Task Search page under Profiles > 

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