Tasks on a Profile (Browser)

Tasks on a Profile

When viewing a profile that has a Task created for it (either past or present), under the Contacts section in the Profile View you'll see a new section for Tasks. This displays any Tasks that have been created specifically for that profile, regardless of who they are assigned to and/or whether they are open or completed. You can edit those tasks from here, and/or create a new task as well. 


To edit the task, including flagging it as complete, click Edit to load the Task fields into a window and save any changes. You can also add a new Task directly to this profile by clicking Add a Task.

Note that you can also create a new task for a profile by adding a Contact record. In the Recent Contacts section, click Add a Contact. Enter the details of the call/meeting/communication with the profile, then check "Create a Task from this Contact." 


The Subject and Description of the contact record will be used to create the Task, along with the Type, Assigned To user, and Due Date that you select. The task will automatically be linked to the same profile as the Contact record. 

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