Search for Sales Opportunities (browser version)

To search for any Sales Opportunities that currently exist in your database, go to Profiles > Sales Opportunities. All open Sales Opportunities are loaded into the search results by default, and you can filter further using the fields at the top.


To search for all Sales opportunities assigned to a certain user, select that user in the Assigned To dropdown. You can also filter by a single Probability (or leave this set to All), or you can enter one or more Revenue Items to search for by typing each one into the Revenue Item box. 

To filter by Estimated Close Date, choose the dropdown to indicate the date operator and then enter a date to search by. 

All of the filters mentioned above search for open Sales Opportunities. To expand this to include Closed and/or Lost opportunities, check the boxes for one or both of those options.

You can edit any of the Sales Opportunities displayed in the grid, or click Add a Sales Opportunity at the top to create a new one. Click here for more information about adding/editing Sales Opportunities.


 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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