Add/Edit a Sales Opportunity

To add a new sales opportunity, click Add a Sales Opportunity from the profile directly or from the Sales Opportunities search page (you will first find the profile to assign to the new Sales Opportunity).

If you are in the profile, you can find the Sales Opportunities section by scrolling down (on the right):


To add a new item, click Add a Sales Opportunity, and choose a profile.

Then the following window will appear:

Working with: In the upper right corner, you can indicate which related profile you are working with for this particular opportunity.

Revenue Item: This indicates what you are trying to sell. It should be the Revenue Item that will be used if you make the sale, on the new invoice (invoices are not created automatically from this record - this is just for forecasting).

Estimated Amount: Enter the amount you anticipate this sale will be. This amount can be changed as you progress through the process.

Estimated Close: Enter the date by which you want to complete this sale. This can be updated throughout the process as well

Probability: This is a code that you can set up in your Admin section to determine how far along in the process this sale is. High, Medium, and Low are the defaults, but you can customize this list to reflect your own process. 

Assigned To: This indicates which sales person is working on this opportunity.

Started: defaults to the current date, to indicate when the process was started

Source: This indicates where the lead came from. The list of choices can be customized in the Admin menu, under Manage Codes, and in the Member Codes section.

Closed/Lost: Once you have either closed the sale or determined that you cannot make this sale and want to set it as Lost, you can choose the appropriate option from this dropdown. It will then prompt you to set the date closed or lost, and indicate the Actual Amount value if closed, or the Lost Reason if lost.

Notes: Enter any details that will be helpful to you as you work through the sale.

You can click Edit on a sales opportunity to change any of these fields at any time, from the profile, the Sales Opportunity Search, or your Dashboard.

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