Outage affecting MC Trade Services 11/30/2020

3:50 PM EST: The issue with timeouts and slowness when logging in to MC Trade has been resolved. The website service that the user authentication process depends on was not running as expected, and to resolve the issue we replaced this service completely and are no longer seeing any delays or issues logging in to MC Trade. We are working on putting new measures in place to both prevent this from happening in the future, and to place faster backups in place to replace that authentication service instantly in the case of any future outages.


3:00 PM EST: Our engineering team is continuing to urgently work to get the login process back up for all users. We are seeing logins work periodically (though slowly), so multiple attempts to log in may work for you in the meantime and you should be able to successfully use the software after login without any issues. We will continue to update this article with any additional information as it becomes available. We know this is very disruptive to you, and we will have the service restored as soon as we possibly can!


As of 1:00pm Eastern, we are still experiencing problems authenticating new logins to MC Trade. Our product team is still investigating this problem urgently and we hope to have more information soon! We apologize for the disruption.


This morning approximately 10:00AM Eastern, we discovered an issue causing time-out errors accessing MC Trade services, most notably logging into the database. 

We are investigating this urgently with the intent to restore service as quickly as possible, and will update this article with new information. 

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