Release Notes 20.18 - 7/20/20

As part of our commitment to your success, we’re happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers by July 20.

This release includes the following enhancements and fixes: 

  • Run a Saved Query in the browser: In the desktop version, the Data Export/Reporting Tool allows you to build customer raw data exports using a number of predefined data groups, and save them as "saved queries" for either yourself or all users to access. With this release, you can now export the results of those queries into a CSV file, or open the results in the Profile Selector, directly in the browser version. 
    To access your saved queries in the browser, go to Reports > Run a Saved Query. You'll see all saved queries, and you can choose to either Export Data (sending the results of the query straight to a CSV file download in your browser), or for queries that contain the Profile ID field, you can choose Open results in profile selector to open just that current list of results in the browser Profile Selector, where you can then choose from the Actions dropdown to email, assign affiliation codes, add contact records, etc. Note that if you need to alter any of the fields or criteria in the query before running, that still needs to be done in the desktop. Look for more advanced ad-hoc query tools in the browser coming later this year!
  • View Engagement Metrics in the browser version of the Profile View, you'll find a new link on a profile to "View Engagement Metrics." This is a new report that takes a high-level view of that member's engagement with your organization, and compares those metrics to your membership overall. This is a standard report that can't be customized at this time, but we'd love to hear more feedback from you on what else you'd like to measure here
  • Run Engagement Reports from the Dashboard: on your Dashboard in the browser, you'll now find a quick link to the five standard "engagement" reports in MC Trade, which display a list of members in order from most to least engagement in different aspects of your organization.
  • Added Custom Report management to the browser, allowing you to download/upload customer report files for editing in Crystal. Note that this is NOT necessary for your desktop report access, it's only needed in order to pull down report files for editing and then uploading the edited files, if you have the ability to edit directly in the Crystal software. 
  • Expanded search capabilities in the Profile Selector in the browser: you can now search for any field being blank by setting the operator to "Equals" and leaving the search field blank, as well as search by Does Not Contain. We also added "Sort Name" to the dropdown list of Profile Info options available.
  •  Fixed a recurring issue with Profile Change Requests updates not always being attributed to the correct user

Our engineering team is hard at work on exciting new features, coming soon! If you are interested in being an early user for the new Committees module in the browser, please contact Lauren Bashaw at

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