RESOLVED: Outage affecting MC Trade services 2/2/2021

4:10 PM ET Update: Full login service is restored to its normal performance standards with no outstanding issues. We are continuing to investigate the cause of the slowness/timeouts during the login process, but have determined that the connection to one particular data server was being blocked to protect from a high volume spike and was unable to recover once normal traffic resumed. We are diligently working to patch this vulnerability to prevent the issue from occurring in the future. 

1:45 PM ET Update: We are continuing to investigate the cause of the login issue, and are working to make sure that logged in users are not also experiencing errors. We are seeing a bit more capacity on our servers to handle the login requests, which means you can attempt to log in and may have success. If not, you can try again in a few minutes. Once you are logged in, the application is working as expected. We are continuing to urgently work on this issue and fully restore service to normal. 

1:00 PM ET Update: As of 1:00pm ET, we are still investigating the cause of the issue affecting customer logins when trying to access MC Trade databases. We have not yet been able to fully restore the service, but are working to ensure it is restored as quickly as possible.


This morning approximately 10:30AM Eastern, we discovered an issue causing errors attempting to log into MC Trade databases.

We are investigating this urgently with the intent to restore service as quickly as possible, and will update this article with new information. 

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