ACCESS RESTORED: 2/3/2021 - Outage Affecting MC Trade Services

2/4/2021 Follow Up: After the persistent login slowness/timeouts accessing MC Trade yesterday, we determined that some of our system logging was unable to keep up with the large volume of log files being generated during the login process by users. Last night, we deployed a fix that prevents those log files from blocking the login process, eliminating the root cause of this particular issue. 

In addition, we are continuing to investigate if there are any other processes anywhere in MC Trade or our infrastructure that are at risk for any similar problem, and putting preventative measures in place to ensure future issues do not affect your ability to log in to the system. We know how disruptive these types of issues are, and are putting significant resources into ensuring our infrastructure is strong and reliable for our customers. 


4:30 PM ET UPDATE: As of about 4:30 PM, login services have been restored. We are still urgently investigating the cause of the problem to try to prevent any future occurrences. 


This afternoon at approximately 1PM Eastern, we discovered an issue causing errors attempting to log into MC Trade databases.

We are investigating this urgently with the intent to restore service as quickly as possible, and will update this article with new information. 

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