Merge Profiles (Browser)

While MC Trade does have several "guardrails" in place to help you limit the number of duplicate profiles in your database, with hundreds of members, contacts, event attendees, and more in your database it's inevitable that you'll wind up with a few duplicates. Instead of having to manually move transaction, registration, and other history manually, our Profile Merge Tool allows you to seamlessly combine two different profiles to eliminate clutter in your data.

NOTE: you must have access to the "Delete Profile" user permission setting to be able to merge profiles.

Follow these steps to merge one profile into another profile:

  1. Go to Admin > Merge Profiles. The Merge Profiles window will open.
  2. Click Select Profile to Keep and begin typing the name of the Profile you want to use as a "master" profile in the Profile Quick Search window. A list of possible profiles matching your search will appear. Click Select to choose the Profile that will remain after merging, and will override contact info fields, etc. if there is a conflict:

  3. Click Select a Profile to Delete to identify the second profile to merge into the first. Click Select on the Profile you want to Merge in to the first Profile. This second profile will be deleted after merging.
  4. You will see a column for the profile you are going to keep, and a column for the profile that will be incorporated into the first profile. Only the fields that will be changed will be displayed. All fields from the "delete" profile will be overwritten, unless the profile to keep has a blank value in that field, in which case the value will be moved from the deleted profile to the keeper profile. To view all fields, including blanks or fields with identical values, click the Show All radio button at the top of the page.

    Things to note:
    • The data in the master profile will take precedence over the data in the profile being merged into it. For example, if the two profiles have different phone numbers, only the master profile phone number will remain after merge.
    • All of the tabs in MC Trade that allow multiple records will not overwrite any data, but instead the records from both profiles will be kept in the final profile. For example, if both profiles have one category listing each, the resulting profile will have two category listings. Items that will be moved in to the master profile and kept include:
      • Mailing and Billing Addresses
      • Profile Relationships
      • Contact Records/Sales Opportunities
      • Affiliation Codes
      • Tasks
      • Member Activities
      • Listings
      • Banners and Coupons
      • Billing Records
      • Transactions (Invoices, Payments, Adjustments, Unapplied Payments)
      • Referrals
      • Event Sign Up and Attendance records
  5. Once you have verified all of the information that will be merged, click Merge These Profiles. You'll be asked to confirm that you want to complete the merge. This action cannot be undone. The non-master profile will be deleted after all data is merged.
  6. Once the profiles are merged, you can click through to the new merged profile or select another set of profiles to merge.
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