Outage affecting MC Trade services 10/16/2020

UPDATE 6:25PM ET - Database services have remained stable since this morning's service interruption. Upon further investigation, we found that the MC Trade database server experienced some capacity issues during the time of the interruption. A regularly scheduled security scan was running during this same time frame. Our logs suggest this activity was linked to the service issues some customers experienced this morning. Out of an abundance of caution, we are taking action to ensure that further security scans will occur outside of normal business hours. Additionally, we have been actively increasing capacity for the database servers. In response to this incident, we plan to accelerate our redistribution of client databases across this increased capacity, in order to better balance the server workloads and allow more resilience to occasions like this morning's increased server demand. 




UPDATE 12:25 PM ET - Logins for the MC Trade database are now accessible. We are continuing to monitor the issue and are further investigating what occurred.




This morning approximately 10:30AM Eastern, we discovered an issue causing time-out errors accessing MC Trade services, most notably logging into the database. 

We are investigating this urgently with the intent to restore service as quickly as possible, and will update this article with new information. 


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