Helping you GROW in 2021

As we are approaching the beginning of a new year we know you (our awesome customers!) are gearing up to process membership billing and implement changes for 2021!  To help make this process a little easier, we created this article to provide direction to these specific sections:


Online Join Form

Online Join Form is one of our most recent updates that allows MC Trade customers the ability to easily create and change forms for a variety of purposes with the primary purpose being new membership.  Where past membership applications require contacting MC Trade Support for updates or changes, the Join Form gives you the ability to make changes anytime and anywhere.

Auto Increase/Decrease Billing Items

For customers working on generating invoices for the new year, updating Billing Items for 2021 rates is a priority.  Auto Increase/Decrease Billing Items lets you quickly make updates to Billing Amounts, changes in Revenue Items, and much more.  If you need to update a lot of Billing Items at one time, use this article below:

Generate Invoices

Once you have your updates completed to your Billing Items and Invoice Reports, it is time to get started on generating invoices for 2021.  For many of you, it has probably been a year since you last generated invoices and we are happy to provide the following articles to help:


Membership Levels

For our customers interested in better tracking and automating different levels within your membership based on tiers you control.  Get started now with these helpful links below:

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