Release Notes 21.1 - 1/7/2021

As part of our commitment to your success, we’re happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers by January 7, 2021.

Require Automatic Recurring Billing Opt-In on your Online Join Form

With the challenges of COVID-19 that your members are all facing, many of you have set up an easier payment option by allowing new members to join on a monthly basis and have their card automatically charged each month. With this release, you can now require the opt-in of Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) for a new member as they sign up on any specific form. The new option is in Form Settings, and it will simply set that checkbox as checked and unclickable for that form. You can still edit the text on that checkbox with any wording you prefer, and it will display under the credit card payment information. Click here for more information on configuring online join forms. 


Personal Title on Profile View and Manage All Relationships

One piece of feedback we've received a lot is how hard it is to see Personal Titles throughout the browser version. We've added the Title value for a profile to the main Profile View of any profile that has one (if the Title is blank, nothing will appear here).


We've also added the Personal Title value under the name for any profile appearing in the Manage All Relationships page, if the profile does not already have a Relation Title:



This release also includes the following enhancements and fixes: 

  • Added Special Field selection to the HTML Templates screen, allowing you to insert a Special Field value placeholder into the message when creating/editing HTML Templates
  • Adjust an Unapplied Payment on a profile in the browser (in the Transactions screen for a profile, in the Unapplied Payments tab, click "Actions" and then "Adjust" to get the prompt to adjust/refund the Unapplied Payment).
  • Fixed an issue with the quantity arrows on event registration item selection above a quantity of 1
  • Fixed an issue un-setting phone and address inheritance in the browser relationship edit screen
  • Fixed the Committee Member search so that multiple searches do not pull members from all committees
  • Added Tax amount to taxable billing records created in the browser
  • Fixed several alignment issues on buttons and date fields throughout the browser
  • Updated the Transactions page for a profile to retain your custom date range after leaving the page and coming back, or switching profiles
  • Allowed sorting by Membership Level in the Profile Selector results grid
  • Added Cash Basis, Debit Account and Credit Account as values in the Revenue Items grid in the Manage Codes page
  • Added the ability to change an invoice from one profile to another on any invoice (new "change profile" link displayed at the top of all invoices in the browser)
  • Added Billing Description, Notes, and Yearly Amount to the Billing Edit screen in the Profile Edit page
  • Added a dropdown to the "Contacted" (formerly Talked With) field in a Contact record, allowing you to choose a related profile name rather than type it in to the Contacted field 
  • Fixed a formatting issue with international phone number formatting to accommodate country code
  • Selecting "Email Selected Committee Members" with no members selected will email only committee members in that committee (rather than all committees)
  • Fixed an issue preventing more than 20 Pricing Calculations from showing up
  • Updated the Web Content search page to display 20 results, and allow for showing 100 or 1,000 based on a grid selection
  • Hid Revenue Items that are set as inactive from displaying in new invoice/billing dropdowns 
  • Fixed an issue in which new line item service periods were defaulting to one year rather than the explicit default for the chosen Revenue Item
  • Changed Member Activity dropdown to sort alphabetically
  • Changed Relation Type dropdown to sort alphabetically
  • Fixed a broken field label on the Promo Code setting for "Percentage" when creating/editing promo codes for an event
  • Added the Title (Role) column to the Committee Member search grid results
  • Added the report "Accounting Package Journal Entries" to the Transactions Reports menu in the browser
  • Fixed an issue when previewing invoices to generate (Revenue > Generate Invoices) with the count of invoices displayed in each tab, showing inaccurate values on initial or refreshed monthly searches
  • PUBLIC API: Added relationship values to the /profile/{id}/extended endpoint to display Main Contact value, Relation Type, etc. in addition to the contact information for the related profile.
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