Life is Better in the Browser

As part of an effort to create a more approachable, user-friendly experience for you, our team has been working tirelessly to move the core features of MC Trade to the browser, which means there's no need for bouncing back-and-forth between the browser and desktop. 

In November 2020, we hosted a webinar focused on the benefits of the MC Trade browser experience. In it we shared where were as of November 2020 with the desktop + browser versions of MC Trade, how we got there, and how using the browser will help your team be more efficient. Review the recording here

As promised during the November webinar, we continued the conversation through a series of three deep-dive webinars exploring the most time-saving, impactful features available to you exclusively in the browser and how to use them. Check out the recordings below:

Looking for more training on using MC Trade in the browser?

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