ACCESS RESTORED: 7/23/2021 - Outage affecting MC Trade services



12:30 PM ET UPDATE: An additional update has been made to eliminate the ongoing performance issue on the server. Connectivity has been restored and our team will continue to monitor for stability. 


11:30 AM ET UPDATE: Some clients are still being affected by errors connecting to the server. Our engineering team is investigating to resolve this as soon as possible. 


10:30 AM ET UPDATE: As of about 10:15 AM, services have been restored. A portion of the 7/22/2021 release was rolled back and re-released to correct the issue.


Today at approximately 9 AM ET, we discovered an issue causing errors attempting to load MC Trade databases and MC Trade-generated webpages.

We are investigating this urgently with the intent to restore service as quickly as possible, and will update this article with new information. 

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