Release Notes 21.20 - 12/16/2021

As part of our commitment to your success, we’re happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers by December 16, 2021.

MailChimp Integration Upgrade

Based on feedback from our MC Trade customers using the MailChimp integration and automated sync, we are making some significant changes to the way your full and/or automated sync between the MC Trade database and MailChimp works. One of the main complaints we’ve heard after billing changes made to MailChimp in 2019 is that a single profile/email contact belonging to multiple “Audience” lists results in duplicate (or much higher) billing rates based on the number of contacts you must keep in your MailChimp system. Therefore, starting on December 16th after our 21.20 software release, all profiles synced through the “Full Sync” manual option, or the automated overnight sync option, will now be created/updated on a single MC Trade Audience in MailChimp. Instead of separate lists, each of these profiles will get a “Tag” for the appropriate member/main contact status or Affiliation Code based on your configuration settings.

Click here for full details on configuring and managing your MailChimp integration. 

Copy and Delete Join Forms

As we work on future upgrades and expansion to the online form builder, we've added the ability to copy an existing form, or delete a form that's no longer needed. You can find these new options under the "Actions" menu column in the Join Form Builder grid. 

This release also includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with listings created through the online profile update form being set as inactive
  • Fixed Help text information displayed on the public join form page, including broken images
  • Updated CEUs and Certification in the new member portal to display independently, as well as properly appear on mobile apps
  • Fixed an issue with portal payments made on invoices that have invoice line items from two different accounting packages with two different gateways, so that charges are properly assigned to each gateway without being voided
  • Fixed an issue with Credit Card fee description displaying on direct-link online bill pay pages
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