Intermittent slowdowns in MC Trade data access - 2/1/2022 - 3/10/2022


3/15/2022 4pm EST: Recently we've been working on improving the MC Trade infrastructure to help with performance issues during the busiest times of the day. We know the periodic slowness has been frustrating. Our engineering team has increased server capacity and implemented improvements to load balancing on our servers in order to improve the performance of MC Trade and remedy the occasional slowdowns that were occurring. We are continuing to monitor to ensure the resulting performance improvements remain stable. 


2/24/2022 11:00am EST: This morning, one of our newer servers crashed under the load as we had a large number of users log in, and you likely experienced errors, slowness, and pages failing. This is now resolved, though there may still be slowness on and off today during our busiest times. 

While this morning's outage is resolved, we are still working on a permanent solution to ensure MC Trade is fast and reliable at all times of the day. We're working hard to make that happen and will let you know as soon as we have an update.


2/24/2022 10:00am EST: This morning, the MC Trade software started experiencing some extreme slowness when loading the browser application for some customers. Our software engineers are investigating the issue to try to restore service as quickly as possible, and this article will be updated as we know more. 


2/22/2022 -- Our engineering team still working toward a resolution of this issue including infrastructure upgrades to improve performance. We will continue to post to this article as more updates become available.


2/2/2022 -- Our engineers are troubleshooting an intermittently recurring performance issue on our servers that can affect response times in the MC Trade software. This issue can cause slower-than-normal load times or timeouts (where the data does not appear or an error appears instead) when it is occurring. Currently this issue usually appears for a few minutes a day, and our engineering team is monitoring constantly to alleviate the issue as quickly as possible when it does occur. We are also working on identifying the causes so that we can implement a long-term solution. This article will be updated as resolution information becomes available. 

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