RESTORED: Mass Comm Service Interruption - 2/14/2022


Update 2/15/22 2:30 PM EST: The creation of CopyMe contact records has been resolved and all affected functions are now fully restored. Our engineering team is continuing to investigate the cause of the service interruption and determine preventive measures going forward. 


Update 2/14/22 7:15 PM EST: Our engineering team has confirmed that as of about 6:30 PM EST the email communication services have been restored and are operating normally. Due to the backlog of messages accumulated during the day, there may be some lag time while the service catches up on sending those backlogged emails. The service for creation of ARB invoices has also been restored and will resume overnight. The creation of CopyMe contact records is still being addressed. 


Update 2/14/22 12:45 PM EST: We have identified that invoice creation for ARB/ACH invoices and contact records created by the CopyMe service are also affected by this interruption, and our engineering team is including the restoration of those services in what they are working to fix. 


We have identified an issue that is currently preventing emails from being sent out via the Mass Communicator from MC Trade. Our engineers are currently in the process of identifying the source of the issue and fixing the affected services to ensure our email service can be up and running as quickly as possible. As we have updates, this article will be updated. 

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