Release Notes 22.3 - 2/18/2022

As part of our commitment to your success, we’re happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers by February 18.

Address and Phone Inheritance in Profile Edit


In addition to setting one profile to inherit its address and phone number from the Relationships edit screen, you can now set (or unset) each field's inheritance separately on the Profile Edit screen for any profile. You'll see the checkbox checked if the inheritance is set, along with a dropdown of any related profiles that you could choose from which the profile you're editing will inherit its address. Once selected, the address fields will not be editable, as the address (or phone) will always be updated from the parent/related profile. To remove the  inheritance and set a unique address, uncheck the checkbox, and the address fields will be enabled to edit uniquely for that profile. 

Quick Links

We noticed that the two most common workflows you have when working with profiles is to select a result from the Profile quick search, then immediately navigate to either the Edit or Transactions screen for that profile. To save you some time and clicking, we added two new buttons to the profile Quick Search results, so you can jump straight to either the Edit or Transactions page from the search dropdown. Clicking anywhere else on the result will still just take you straight to that profile's landing page.


This release also includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Attention To field on auto-generated invoices and added Attention as a text field to billing records in the browser Profile Edit screen
  • Fixed the Member Drop Activity pop-up window to properly display the full list of Drop Activity selections
  • Updated the Member Portal to use Affiliation Code Description in the "Update Preferences" section rather than the Affiliation Code name
  • Fixed an issue in which new listings created through the Member Portal were not set to automatically update longitude/latitude values
  • Updated the "Delete Relationship" functionality to also remove any address/phone inheritance set for the profile on which the relationship is removed
  • Fixed an intermittent issue in which some members could not see their open invoices in the Member Portal without a page refresh
  • Fixed an issue with Submission Counts showing as 0 incorrectly in the Form Builder

Our engineering team is hard at work on exciting new features, coming soon! If you are interested in being an early tester for our new Form Builder for donation, prospect, and renewal online forms, please contact Lauren Bashaw at  

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